Sell Smart with an AI


Provides brands with the tools required to enable the AI-powered chat experience and offer Niki services on their apps.


Earn lucrative commission for every transaction by your customers to avail Niki services on your platform.


Integrate the AI-powered conversational UI interface on your platform to take User Interaction to the next level.


Offer the whole repertoire of Niki’s services to your users and hence increase the extent of engagement with them.


Expand the offerings on your app by incorporating Niki’s services to cater to a larger audience.



They are using our SDKs to enable banking and commerce across their customer touch points.

They have integrated our SDKs as a personal assistant for commerce on the LFTY, or left screen on their phones to increase engagement and monetize the mobile property.

They integrated our SDKs to improve the lifestyle of their customers by providing them with more services on their native app.

They integrated the Niki chatbot on their app to drive more usage of their payment ecosystem while providing consumers with a personalised, enriching and interactive experience of commerce.

They integrated the conversational experience to provide their own bus booking service over chat, leveraging the one-to-one sales ability of the chatbot to tap into higher conversion to orders.

Our commitment to serve the masses comes with a vision to provide them with the best and most advanced technology in Smartphone category at an affordable price point. Hence this tie up is a reassurance to our customers, and a step towards reinforcing the vision of our company. We are looking forward to a favourable response from our customers, owing to this chatbot integration. Niki is indeed a very user friendly and reliable Artificially Intelligent bot for commerce.

Our new flagship product, Speed X belongs to our high end Speed series which is aimed to provide affordable smartphones to the Indian smartphone users with top notch technology. We are immensely happy to launch the Speed X along with With the growth of digital wallets and the consumer's behavior shift from offline purchase to online shopping, we decided to introduce Niki in our Speed X smartphone for all our Indian customers. Niki understands the consumers buying pattern and suggests them with new and better options to look for in almost all the areas.


1. What all services do I get on integrating the SDK?

You will receive all services available on the Niki app ( including Recharge, bill payments (postpaid, electricity, dth, landline, gas, datacard, waterbill), Cab booking, Bus booking, Hotel booking, Events booking, Laundry and Burger Ordering. We will continuously keep adding newer services to the SDK

2. How much effort is required in the integration?

Integrating the SDK takes only a couple of hours and is extremely simple. We have been praised by our partners on the quick integration that the SDK offers.

3. What is the size of the SDK?

The SDK is mere 1mb, which means that it won't take much space on the third party's property.

4. What customizations are possible on the SDK?

You can specify which services you would like to expose to your customers, customize the chat page title, perform one click login etc. We are working on the ability to customize the look and feel of the SDK based on the parent theme as well.

5. Is the SDK available for iOS?

The SDK is available right now for only Android platform, but we are working on a SDK for iOS and Web. Stay tuned for updates.

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